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  • Richard Davis

Maximizing Small Bathroom Spaces: Design and Storage ideas

Updated: Mar 25

  1. Acrylic Bath and Shower Systems: BCI Acrylics offers a range of acrylic bath and shower systems that are perfect for small bathrooms. These systems are often designed to fit seamlessly into existing spaces, reducing the need for extensive remodeling. The installation process is also very simple and can happen in as little as a day.

A modern shower remodel with a grab bar bathtub and acrylic walls

2.Walk-in Tubs and Showers: Whether you need a walk-in tub, tub-to-shower conversion, walk-through insert, or barrier-free shower base, you can feel confident we have the perfect option for your ideas. We even have a wide range of safety accessories to help make bathing safer and more comfortable.

3.Customization Options: BCI Acrylics is known for offering customizable bath and shower solutions. Discuss how their products can be tailored to fit specific measurements and design preferences, making them ideal for maximizing the use of small bathroom spaces. Customization can include everything from the size and shape of the tub or shower to the colors and finishes, ensuring a perfect fit for any bathroom layout.

a walk in tub remodel with a modern design

4.Space-Saving Accessories: In addition to their main products, BCI Acrylics also offers a range of accessories that can help optimize space in a small bathroom. Mention any innovative storage solutions, such as built-in shelving or soap dishes, that can keep essentials within reach without cluttering the space.

5.Durability and Easy Maintenance: One of the benefits of acrylic bath and shower systems is their durability and ease of maintenance. No grout lines and non-porous for easy cleaning and naturally resists mold and mildew. Beautiful, high-gloss acrylic in a variety of colors and patterns to match any bathroom. We are so confident in our product that we offer a Lifetime Warranty. Our replacement baths are scratch-, chip-, stain- and fade-resistant

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